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    Camp Meriwether, Cascade Pacific Council, near Cloverdale, Oregon

    We arrived at Camp Meriwether on the Meriwether-Clark Scout Reservation after traveling north from Camp Baker and pausing at Tillamook for the obligatory cheese and ice cream stop. We arrived just in time to photograph the sand castle-building competition held on the seashore some fine work was done by the Scouts.

    The ranger found us a nice out-of-the-way spot to park our motorhome. A very busy Camp Director, Todd MacDonald, promised to give us the lowdown on camp goings on the next morning at breakfast, which he did. The thick seaside forest that surrounds this camp and the moonless night together accounted for one of the darkest nights we passed this summer.

    The next morning, we started our tour of Camp Meriwether by walking a good-sized steep hill toward the program areas and noted as we walked the paths of camps that the program area and campsite signs are among the best, if not the best, we had seen on the trip so far.

    Some of the campsites feature adirondacks, and some of those adirondacks are on cliffs overlooking the ocean, providing a spectacular, if not sometimes breezy, view of the Pacific ocean.

    We observed the campwide games held in the meadow adjacent to the dining hall and on the beach. Enthusiastic units proceeded from station to station hoping to outperform one another and win the grand prize to be awarded at the closing campfire.

    The Two Captains West area opens a window into the past and offers an opportunity for Scouts to shoot black powder, throw tomahawks, and work on Indian lore projects.

    We would have happily stayed for any number of days in this woodsy seaside encampment, but our schedule forced us on. From Camp Meriwether we headed north along the coast heading toward Port Townsend to spend the weekend before visiting Camp Hahobas in Washington.

camp photo

camp photo

camp photo

Camp Meriwether

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Camp Meriwether - Cascade Pacific Council
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