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    Camp Marin-Sierra, Marin Council, near Emigrant Gap, California

    Arriving at Camp Marin-Sierra, just a short drive from Camp Pahatsi, in the High Sierras was a pleasure, and we knew there were good things ahead for us. After bumping our way on Scout Camp roads from New Mexico through Colorado through Utah and even the previous camp, we were thrilled (we take our pleasures as we can) to find that a paved road led to the paved camp road which led to the paved parking lot, all just a short distance from a major highway. Camp Director, Chip Thompson, was expecting us, and we arrived more or less on time, unusual for this summer's tour. Chip gave us a quick look around camp and then went off to perform his duties.

    The camp's focal point is Lake Chub, with program areas and campsites circling the lake. A hike around the lake requires only 15-20 minutes, and both program areas and campsites are scattered along this path. No program area is very far from another, and hikes between are quite pleasant. Despite being near a highway, the sounds of the highway are muffled by the camp's giant pines and redwoods.

    While in Camp Marin-Sierra, we enjoyed our meals with staff and Scouts in their open-air dining hall set among the massive trees that are found all over the property. We spent a good deal of time photographing the dining area as well as the camp lodge, a rustic building with loft area, wood-burning fireplace, and striking architecture.

    We left Camp Marin-Sierra and headed northwest to Camp Baker on the coast of Oregon.


Camp Marin-Sierra

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Camp Marin-Sierra - Marin Council
camp photo

camp photo

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