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    Camp Hahobas, Pacific Harbors Council, near Tahuya, Washington

    We arrived at Camp Hahobas on a Sunday afternoon after leaving the Meriwether-Clark Reservation in Oregon and spending the weekend in Westport, Washington. The camp offered one of the more unusual overnight spots to of our tour, as we were directed to park the 30-foot motorhome on the "heliport," which, as it turns out, does double-duty as a parking area while awaiting possible use for its primary purpose (an infrequent occurrence, we hope).

    Scott Impecoven, the Camp Director, was busy checking in Scouts when we arrived at camp, and he put us together with two commissioners who gave us the Cook's tour of Camp Hahobas. The friendly commissioners showed us, among other things the Fruitcake Lodge, a new dining shelter that replaces the unusual big top tent, and a C.O.P.E. area that is under construction and rehabilitation.

    Program areas and campsites spread out from the camp's lake in two large loops. While the heavily forested area gives each site a feeling of isolation, each is, in fact, just a short walk from another. Along the outer, larger loop, some campsites have a splendid view of the Hood canal, distant mountains, nearby valleys, and here and there a village.

    The camp has a well-developed Scoutcraft area with some of the finest lashing and rope work that we ran across the entire season.

    We attended a campfire at the Bear Bowl and were entertained and amused by the staff's efforts. Staff gets quite a workout in this regard, as there are two assemblies each morning, because dining is accomplished in two shifts. The energetic staff was able to pump up both groups equally well.

    We left camp and headed toward Port Townsend where we would spend the night before taking the ferry boat to Oak Harbor and then on to Camp Fire Mountain in Mount Vernon, Washington.

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camp photo

Camp Hahobas

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Camp Hahobas - Pacific Harbors Council
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