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    C.H.A.S.E. (Chesapeake High Adventure Sailing Experience), Colonial Virginia Council, near Kilmarnock, Virginia

    Visiting High Adventure Bases is always a treat, and, as you can tell from our photo tour categories, structured a bit differently than a "normal" camp visit. When we visit Boy Scout summer camps, we focus on facilities and program areas. With a High Adventure Base, we follow the action! At C.H.A.S.E., the action is mostly on the water and that's where Camp Director Adam Stewart took us within minutes of our arrival.

    Using a motorboat, we followed the small boats and caught up to them just as they anchored on an island conveniently equipped with a long sand bar. Lunch for these intrepid sailors was served from the motorboat, and the campers ate standing knee-high in water on the sand bar. After lunch, the campers relaxed and played near the sand bar, and we soaked up some sun, settled our tummies, and took in the views.

    When the small boats went home, we followed once again. Back at Base, we spent some time exploring the facilities, watching the small-boat sailors practice boat maintenance skills, and finally getting some shots of the campers taking an afternoon swim. Later we tagged along with Adam to check the crab traps in preparation for the evening's Crab Fest. Then we were treated to more excitement.

    Two big boats came home from a five-day cruise. These were some tired sailors, and they all reported having had a wonderful, skill-building cruise. These tired crews, the crews from the morning, and the staff were all ready for the fine dinner that awaited us, but mostly we were all anticipating the weekly Crab Fest and MB presentations that follow! With an hour or so to kill after dinner, we walked the camp again, getting more photos of facilities and landscape and, truth be told, building up quite an appetite for crab.

    Soon enough the crabs were in "hot water" and the fest was on! A single day at C.H.A.S.E. left us wishing we could stay a week, but it was a great, if small, taste of the excitement and adventure served up at this High Adventure Base.

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C.H.A.S.E. (Chesapeake High Adventure Sailing Experience) - Colonial Virginia Council
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