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    Camp Bradley, Snake River Council, near Stanley, Idaho

    We arrived at Camp Bradley, we thought, one day early, but owing to the fact that many units were actually arriving later than we thought, we found ourselves two days early for the arrival of Scouts. Camp Bradley has a fine collection of old log cabin structures, having been a hunting camp in a former life. In addition to these older structures, there is a new modern lodge and dining hall. Camp Director, Roy Graybill, welcomed us to camp and treated us to a steak dinner. The staff was about to celebrate Christmas in July; we could tell by the Christmas tree in the dining hall.

    An early morning walk took us to the Cape Horn lakes to see the boating and swimming areas. One of the lakes used for aquatics was dry owing to the extreme drought conditions found in the area of late; however, the other one had plenty of water and is used successfully for all swimming and all boating.

    On Monday when the boys were to arrive, we awoke to a rainstorm that promised to go all day long, so we cut our visit to Camp Bradley short and, regretfully, we left and moved on to Teton High Adventure Base.

camp photo

Camp Bradley

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Camp Bradley - Snake River Council
camp photo

camp photo

camp photo

camp photo

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