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    Camp Arrowhead, Ozark Trails Council
    near Marshfield, Missouri

    We headed towards Camp Arrowhead after an aborted stop at S-F Scout Ranch caused by faulty equipment. We pulled into the Springfield, Missouri Best Buy just minutes before closing, and a mercy last-second examination of our computer proved that a hard drive cable had come loose - problem solved. The following morning, a can of carb cleaner seemed to do the trick for the generator, allowing Camp Tour 2001 to restart.

    The land progressed from mostly flat to long rolling hills to short choppy Ozarks foothills topography as we neared Camp Arrowhead. After crossing the dam that forms camp's Lake Osage, we headed up a short, steep gravel road to camp proper. After finding a flat spot for the motorhome, we found and were welcomed by Camp Director Mike Eldred, who gave us a camp map, pointed out a few special spots to visit, and turned us loose.

    Despite a blistering (to Chicagoans) temperature of 97 degrees in the sun, because of the camp's high ridge location, a fair breeze, and shade provided by the second-growth mixed forest that surrounds the camp, we were comfortable as we visited Hall's Altar. An interesting highlight was an early 1920s' swimming hole to which people from nearby Marshfield drove their horse & buggies. When we were told about it by our volunteer tour guide, Ted Scott with a Springfield Troop, we never imagined the 100' x 200' cement pond that we found. A Chapel overlooking the creek followed next, and then Ted left us for his duties as Assistant Scoutmaster. We continued on to visit the camp pool, assorted program areas, and to visit with a few of the Troops in camp for the week.

    The following morning took us to Low C.O.P.E. to watch a group at work and then to the camp's brand-new High C.O.P.E. course. Unable to face the long walk down and longer walk back (for the older Scouter), we passed up an opportunity to visit the shooting sports valley.

    Retiring to the motorhome, we composed our thoughts, thank-you photo albums for the office and Camp Director, presented them, and headed towards our next stop - Camp Cherokee.

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Camp Arrowhead - Ozark Trails Council
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